Saturn Transit 2020 – Know about Date & Time and more

In Hindu Vedic astrology, Saturn is of immense significance. Due to his strictness and discipline and his ultimate goal of karma, many are scared of him. The slow transit of the planet Saturn offers two important common periods namely Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya which every person has to go through multiple times in his lifetime. According to Saturn transit 2020, Saturn the planet of justice will transit from Saggitarius to its zodiac sign Capricorn as of 24th January 2020 at 12.05 pm. In the same year, Saturn was seen retrograding in Capricorn from 11th May to 29th September. After that its path noticeably became progressive. The planet as of December shall be in combust. And hence this phenomenon shall decide it’s decreasing impact. Saturn is known to be the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. The transit shall bring in a positive amount of changes in all the following zodiac signs.

The role of Saturn :

Saturn is the flagbearer of justice and discipline. He has been deemed as the mentor who punishes and guides wrongdoers towards the path of truthfulness, responsibility, and glory. Saturn’s transit to Capricorn shall teach everyone that success can solely be achieved via hard work. This lesson shall help others progress towards a healthier lifestyle that promotes hard work. The transit is bound to invoke different results onto the lives of different moon signs.

Some predictions of the Saturn transit ( on Aries,  Taurus, Gemini)

Aries :

For Aries, the hard work that you put in shall give rise to amplified results. If there are plans to dig your hands into some new work then it’s advisable to do so before 11th May. The retrograding movement of Saturn may pose some major obstacles to your road to success. Avoid falling prey to unwarranted tension and stress as it may end up disturbing all other spheres of life. Some allergies and other skin related issues may surface, do take care of that. Consider taking your parents with you on a religious trip as that shall be the breather of spiritual support.

Taurus :

The Saturn transit may mark differences between you and your father. You should be careful with regards to your father’s health. Your results may disappoint you no matter the hard work that you put in but you shouldn’t let all of the negativity dishearten you. Finding a job or seeking a promotion during this period shall undoubtedly be a hard task. Avoid procrastination at any cost and also due to the transit of Rahu be careful with regards to your speech. Workplaces can turn out to be excruciating. Take care of your health as well as the ones next to you.

Gemini :

Wait for your fruits of labor and be prepared for unplanned problems to pile up. Your financial situation may hit the rocks as the transit of Saturn doesn’t seem profitable in regards to monetary aspects. Still, this year shall be a great one for a foreign journey. Look closely into your opportunities for foreign travel and trade.

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