IamHere: A Hyperlocal Community Platform For Social Collaboration

Social media is a fundamental tool for connecting people in society. Famous and vital social media sites can be accessed for professional and business careers. One of the famous social media applications is the IamHere Hyperlocal Application. This application showcases the advertisements of the local commerce, the local business where many opportunities come in front of us. 

IamHere is a social media application that focuses on targeting people and communities that promote, advertise local businesses, commerce, and other such agendas, thereby helping people connect regarding their requirements. These applications help in understanding others and make us get in touch with similar-minded people. 

Hyperlocal community describes the necessary information which targets the concern of people. The best site is the IamHere hyperlocal community platform for social collaboration.

Deep Presentation about your Startup:

Iamhere is a hyperlocal community platform for social collaboration that connects the neighbourhood by digitizing. This application helps in people’s engagement. It is prominent for digitizing the world with the development of technology. 

Tell us about your experience operating in this startup environment?

The experience of functioning in the startup, where everything is temporary, teaches to squeeze and fit the change comparative than withstand it. A startup is an adventure where we come across the ups and downs in the business. A startup platform helps to develop both professional and life skills. Developing business promotions, participating in social campaigns, discovering about the events, and connecting with society make it easier with the involvement of the IamHere media site.  

The startup is based at which place, and can you tell me the reason for choosing that place?

Our startup is based out of Bangalore since it is rich in resources and can provide enough resources in the technology field. IamHere media site that helps to overcome technological problems. 

As a founder of a startup, which makes you anxious about it?

As many people with this marketing strategy enter into the startup, something should be made unique by me that lasts longer. Hence, we plan for the development and design of the product, and we have a solution for the challenges we face. 

Can you tell me about your competitors and how are you unique from them?

Though there are a few indirect competitors, we have tackled the market failures and problems by finding solutions to them in a visually unique way. IamHere social media is beneficial and can be used as a private social network for small communities, workplaces, and colleges.

How do you balance your work and life? 

As a founder of this startup, I have my team to support me. This results in balancing my personal life. Hence working in this environment becomes easy and keeps me balanced in both work and personal life. My team members and the co-founders coordinate the work. So balancing my professional and personal life becomes more accessible.

Have You lifted funding? If yes, tell me the attributes? If not, then are you probing for funding?

We have elevated some funding from our partners and probing for organizational investment this year. We will raise funds soon.

Is there any misbelief about you from people’s side?

People look at me a little kind. Each and everyone is responsible for the progress of our organization. We meet misunderstandings in the case of failure of progress.

What makes you excited about joining our company?

                    This company is well known for its marketing. People who find it challenging to create websites for their business seek the help of the IamHere social media application. This application plays a dominant role in marketing. This media application is an opportunity and an advantage. 

How do you spend your whole day?

                       I work for the growth of my organization for half a day and remain with my family. 20% of my time has been spent with design and 20% with direction. The following 40% goes with the business development, and the remaining 20% contributes to the strategy. The remaining half of the day is with my family. 

Can you describe your team?

                Anamika heads our products, and she is an ex-Citi community; Saurav leads our technology part, and he is ex-Infosys. We have other team members for funding too. I have met them via LinkedIn, who became a major cause for my startup career. Our team suits best for team coordination where everybody works together for the organization’s progress.

I hope you have got a vivid idea about the startup business. Get experience in this adventurous career. 

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