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Sandy M Pohlmeyer Sun, 22 Jun 1997
My grandparents were born in Leon Guanajuanto Mexico in 1884. My grandfather's name is Anastasico Mata y Gasca his wife was Marcelina Olmos. What kind of information can you give me on the surname of Mata?
Could you help me with finding out where to send off for the Birth/Death records of relatives. They were born in the mid late 1800's. Both of my grandparents were born in Leon Guanajuato Mexico. How is the best way to put there names down so it is easier for them to look up this information for me. It is said that my grandparents are of the Metizo or Zapotec tribes.
Can you help me understand who these people are? I also want to thank you for this web site. It is great for those of us
who can not travel or don't have the funds to travel to have this information at our finger tips. Thanks

patti@xanadu2.net Sat, 14 Jun 1997
My last name is Aldaco. I have not been able to find any information on this last name. Great grandfather was Juan Aldaco married to Locaria Gonzalez,from Allende Coahuila, Mexico my grandfather was Reynaldo Aldaco married to Vicenta Lerma, they immigrated into Texas via Laredo in the late 1890's. My father's name is Rafael L. Aldaco married to Gloria Rodriquez (it is with a q not a g). If anyone else is out there is doing any research on this name it sure would be a help. I have quite an extensive family tree documented but am not able to find some of my grandfather's brothers, Panfilo, Pedro,Victoriano,Esteban. I have the name of the wives and their children but to date no contact except for some of Pedro's children. Thanks for your help.

Lupe Williams-Lujan Mon, 09 Jun 1997
I am researching my husband's side of the family.

bulletPablo LUJAN probably born in Chihuahua,Mexico ( no other info) married Bernarda ARIAS probably born Chihuahua, Mex. ( no other info)
bulletJesus ARIAS LUJAN married Juana ZARAGOZA DOMINGUEZ dob 1854 Chihuahua,Mex. dob 30 Oct.1863 Mex.
bulletGuadalupe LUJAN married Angelita RAMOS 28 October, 1897 dob 1906 Chihuahua, Mex. Los Angeles,Ca.
bulletTiburcio ZARAGOZA LOPEZ married Paula DOMINGUEZ CONTRERAS (no other info) ( no other info)
bulletFlorencio RAMOS married Dolores RODRIGUEZ born in Zacatecas, Mex. dob 1869 Mexico

It is my understanding that the family migrated from Mexico to El Paso, Texas and settled there for a few years before eventually settling in Los Angeles,Ca. Lupe Williams-Lujan, P.O.Box 234 La Puente, Ca. 91747

longoria@vvm.com Sun, 08 Jun 97
Hi, my name is Lorenzo Longoria Jr. I really appreciate your page and offer of help in marrying up people with very similar Surnames searches.I was born in Robstown,Tx,(Nueces Co). My father,Lorenzo Sr was born in Saqn Diego,Tx(Duval Co) in 1899.His Father,Adelaido Longoria was born somewhere in Mexico on ?? His mother,Romula Vela Garcia was born in San Diego,Tx, around 1866. On my mother's side,(Bartola Lopez):she was born I believe in Seguin,Tx ,on 24 Aug 1907. Her father,Esteban Lopez,born I believe in San Diego,Tx. on 3 Aug 1885. Her Mother,Juanita Reyes Lopez bornin Bexar? Co, on 24 Jun 1890(?).Dad's siblings:Florencia,Daniel,Matilda,Lucinda,Librada?,Luis. My Mother's, Petra,Ramon,Manuel,Isabel(Chabela). This iis where it all stops for me.Any light that you can shed on these names,places,and periods,will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Lorenzo Jr

HIJAK5@aol.com Sun, 1 Jun 1997
hello there.....i'm looking for some surnames but can't seem to find them...they are "favela" & Cervantes....just wondering if you could help me.

patti@xanadu2.net Sat, 31 May 1997
While surfing came across your website, it's great! Please e-mail any info. you may have available, or if you know of anyone doing research on the last name ALDACO, my father is 83 and he said his family (Reynaldo his father)came from Mexico via Eagle Pass, Tx. from Allende, Coahuila, Mexico. My grandparents were both born in Texas prior to "The Treaty" my grandmother was a Lerma(Vicenta). My father was born in Dilley, Texas which is on the way to San Antonio from Laredo, Texas. What a mess! Thanks for any help that you may be able to give me

SUSAN BURNS Sat, 31 May 1997
I am seeking information on the Estrello family of Doctor Arroyo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Am also interested in the origination of the name. This surname should not be confused with Estrella. The family also lived in Mier y Noriega, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Family tradition says the family name was originally de la Rosa. Thanks for your help.

Jennifer Millar-Smith. Thu, 22 May 1997
My grandfather was Henry Padilla, his father was Leabder Padilla and Catherina de la Cerda. Her parents were Jose Athansio de la Cerda (b. 1785?) and Ildefonsa Sims (?"Chimis?). Jose's parents were Juan Nepomuceno de la Cerda and Marie Ignacia Celetina Flores. Could you please contact me via e-mail Many thanks

solorzan@pacbell.net Thu, 22 May 1997
Hello, my name is Marcela. I am 13 years old. At school, they have asked me to get some information on my last name, SOLORZANO and my mother's maiden name, Del Rio. Any information you might be able to provide would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

longoria@vvm.com Wed, 21 May 97
My father Lorenzo Vela Longoria was born in San Diego,Tx on 12 Jan 1899 to Adelaido Longoria and Romula Vela Garcia Longoria. My Mother,Bartola Lopez Longoria was born on 24 Aug 1907,in Seguin,Tx, to Esteban Lopez and Juanita Reyes Lopez. My father and mother were married I believe, in Robstown,Tx. I don't have the date. Offsprings of this marriage were: Lucinda,9 Oct '33, Lorenzo Jr ,6 Jan '36, Leonel,10 Jan'38,Lidia,28 Oct'40,died 1 Feb'41, Leopoldo,9 Nov'41,Lauro,27 Mar'43,Luz Elida,20 Jul'44,died 15 apr '45,Luis,18 Jul'45,died 5 Sep '45. All of the offsprings were born either in San Diego or Robstown,Tx. Any help rendered will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lorenzo (Larry) Longoria, Killeen, Tx. Contact me at web address or 1232 Chippendale Dr, Killeen,Tx 76542

Glenn W. Duspiva Mon, 19 May 1997
I'm just now starting researching my wifes family, SALINAS, she comes from McAllen Texas. Need to find information on NARCISCO SALINAS who passed away sometime in the late 1920's or early 1930's from a suicide. His wife was named NICKOLAUS (maiden name unknown). Would like information on her also. They had three children named ORLANDO, ROGELIO and TRINIDAD. NARCISCO SALINAS passed away somewhere in the south Texas area. Rogelio died in the mid 1940's in McAllen or La Jolla. Orlando is decesed, probably in the Houston area. Thank you for any info.Glenn Duspiva

John Moreno Fri, 16 May 97
Looking for further information on a Gregorio Moreno (Monterrey, Mex.), father to Camilo Moreno, father to Ismael Moreno who came over when he was very young to San Antonio, TX. My grandfather was a shoe cobbler. I don't remember if Gregorio was. I recently came upon my family history that was read at a family reunion, but somehow I remember more being read and don't know how to get a hold of it. I do remember one of the relatives was involved in the Spanish silver trade and don't know if he ran a shipping business.
John Andrew Moreno
1727 Thompson Pl #1003
San Antonio, Texas 78226

Please reply to Address above or e-mail morenoj@juno.com

Jack Surmani/Suzanne Guerra Fri, 16 May 1997
Thank you for the reply to my sister's query. My husband has been working on our family genealogy for some time, but we have not had much luck with my dad's family. What kind of information do you need from us for a search? I need a starting point in Texas, because the information my father gave me was rather general. From my father's birth certificate I know that my grandmother, Leonore Robles, was born in San Elizario, Texas around 1910. She left for Arizona before 1940 according to my dad. My grandfather Meliton Carmona Guerra was born about the same time in Socorro, Texas. When my father was born they were living in Isleta. My grandfather left Texas around 1930, so when my grandmother left my father was sent to live in Fabens with his maternal grandmother Amada Chavez Robles. Several people on my grandfather's side, including cousins in the Guerra, Carmona, Munoz, and Apodaca families, came to California in the first half of this century.
Some settled in Hanford, in Bakersfield, Los Angeles and Ventura.
My father said that some of the family had come from Madrid to that part of Texas around 1840, because other family was already there. He never gave me any details, but he may not have remembered much because he was very young when his parents separated. I can understand that some of this could be painful for him and other members of the family to discuss. I have been told that some material on that reagion has been published, but it is not available at most of the Family History Centers in California. Are there any general references or histories of that area that would be useful for our search?

Camilla Kelly Mon, 12 May 1997
It would be helpful if those of us who need the address of the places in Mexico where the birth, death and marriage records are kept. I know I have been looking on the Internet here in the USA and Mexico for the Registra office in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon and can not get a clue as to finding it. I know the relitives names places of birth and DOB. I just need to find the address to write to for my families records to find their relitives. Thank you for taking the time to help people like me. Miss Carrillo

KFCreswick@aol.com Sat, 10 May 1997
I'm trying to help my business partner locate the basptismal record (or possibly birth certificate) for his grandfather, Marciano Rubio, a Yaqui Indian. We know from his death certificate that he died in El Paso, TX on 6/1/34 and was about 25 years old. We are assuming that he was born around 1909 in Sonora, Mexico. Can you please advise as to where to find records of baptism for Sonora Mexico. Thank you!

Granville Kinsman Fri, 9 May 1997
Saw your information on line, but since I am not very familiar with geography of Mexico, I am not sure if what I am looking for is available here. I am looking for infomation on my ancestors Jose Salinas de Rangel, and his wife Promsisca(?). They were supposedly Spanish nobility that left Madrid for Mexico before the insurrection of 1810. Their daughter, Maria, married Joel Whitburn, and they lived in the area around Real del Monte, Edo. Hidalgo. Their daughter, Severa Candalaria Whitburn, married Nicholas Kinsman in Mexico City in 1850. Any possibility that you might have leads? Thanks for whatever help you may offer.-

Ed. Coronado Tue, 06 May 1997
My name is Ed. Coronado. I am trying to find out the origen of our original last name. My great-grandfather was born Pedro Candia in a town called "El Real Catorce" in the state of San Luis Potosi. He changed the name to Coronado for some reason. I know that there are many Candias in Mexico and the U.S. However most of the Candias that live in this country live in the north-east and are of Italian descent. My mother's maiden name was Alderete, another strange one, but one name at a time. I have been looking for Mexican geneology on the web and stumbled on you by luck. It's good to see someone doing this.

Gilbert M Gonzalez Mon, 05 May 1997
I am looking for any info on Gregorio Navarro Almeda Gonzalez born in El Paso, Texas on 1895. Can you help ? If not , can you direct me to where I might go to get this info? thanks for any information reguarding my request. Edward Macias Gonzalez

Yolanda and Suzanne Guerra Sat, 03 May 1997
Thank you so much for all of your work....it is a never ending process that is a priceless legacy for our children. We are searching for information on the surnames CARMONA;ROBLES;GUERRA. We have some information to share. Our father was born in Fabens. He was born in 1929 and was first registered as Luis Robles and name was later changed to Carmona then to Guerra. His parents were Militon Carmona Guerra and Lenore Robles. Our great-grandmother lived on the indian reservation in Ysleta.Our father lived with her until he was about 8 years. He moved to Arizona then finally to calif. Please respond with any info you have. Hasta la proxima

vortiger@highfiber.com Sat, 03 May 1997
My name is Mercedes. Like most of you reading this page, I have just recently started searching for my roots. I am part of the "de los Santos" clan. At one time the full surname was "de los Santos-Coy". My father (Juan Antonio), grandfather(Julian) and I believe my great grandfather (Juan Antonio) were all born in Burgos, Tamaulipas, Mexico. My great great grandfather (Joaquin) may have come from San Fernando (near Burgos). My great aunt Maria (dlS) married a Guadalupe Barrera in Burgos. My great aunt Nazaria (dlS) married Juan Antonio Zuniga. Their children would have been our cousins too. Any help would be appreciated. It is possible that these families settled in northern Mexico and lower south Texas. Please contact me at vortiger@highfiber.com ........... Muchisisimas Gracias

Mike Vigil Sat, 26 Apr 1997
VIGIL Seekers!
The Vigil Genealogy Club has compiled much info on the VIGIL surname as follows:
1. Ancient roots in Spain. The meaning of the word and name
2. Emigration to Mexico and other parts of the New World
3. Emigration to New Mexico and other parts of the US.
Also we have info on the VIGIL coats of amrs and their meaning.
If interested - e-mail Mike Vigil your snail mail address and e-mail address so you can get our mailing of this free info.

Richard D. Ramirez Thu, 17 Apr 1997
Am trying to track and otherwise identify, old maps, records and information concerning the following estates that were located in and around Starr, Zapata, Brooks and Hogg counties. Los Retaches -Los Comita-San Antonio Viejo-El GrulloLa de Ramirez-La de Hinojosa El Coyotito-Tio Martinez-El Chapotito-El Perro-Los Caballos-Chicharrones--Tanque Alegre-El Blanco-Laguna de Guerra-Comas Gordes-El Alazan-Bazquez-Plan Grande Las Comitas-La Barracosa-El Turito-Los Tanquez-El Palito Blanco De Lowe Any guidance or assistance or referrals would be appreciated! Very Respectfully Richard D. Ramirez Outrider Corporation, VA

Klinmesser@aol.com Sun, 20 Apr 1997
Hi, We really enjoyed your site. We would like you to check your data for any information regarding Vicenta Sagredo, who lived in Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She was born 31 January 1931. Her mother's name was Refugio Sagredo. Her father's name was Candio Sanchez. Her step-father's name was Emilio Coronado. Please send me any information you have. If you can direct me on how to find genealogical information from Mexico, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Barbara Cushing-Walker Sat, 19 Apr 1997
Looking for information on possibly a web site address that I could visit with death records for Mexico or a writing address to request a death certificate. My great, great grandfather, Walter Francis Crowson d. 24 FeborApr 1892 in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and is buried there. If anyone has any information please contact me, Thanks!

Elva Sosa Moore Fri, 18 Apr 1997
I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the following Surnames. From Nuevo Leon area mainly Linares: Sosa, Adalpe, Barba, Olvera, Rojo and Pecina, and Balderas and Leiba from Monterrey, NL. Or from Coahuila I have the names of Valero, Ramos, Lopez and Contreras. From San Luis Potosi I have the names of Silva & Picon. the Balderas are also from San Antonio, TX. The Sosa originally were from Portugal.

Gerald R. Abarca Thu, 17 Apr 1997
Hi, I was wondering if you had any information on the name ABARCA. I am trying to find it for my daughter who is 3yrs old, so she can have knowledge of her ancestry when she is older. I know that her grandfather was born in Mexico. i believe in Monterrey. If you have ANY leads on this name I will be greatful to you .

Robert Vigil Wed, 16 Apr 1997
My Name is Robert M. Vigil and I have for years been trying to find out about my family name which is Vigil, I come from the Southern part of Colorado where there are many of us. I have yet to find out anything about us. We do speak Spanish and I think that are last name is Spanish in origin but I can't be sure. My grandfather says that we do have Cherokee blood in us but I doubt that since they were a eastern tribe and to the best of my knowledge we have always been in the very southwestern part of Colorado and the very northern part of New Mexico.I was wondering do you have any knowledge or know of some place I can look to find about where my last name comes from. Any help you can provide me will be most appreciated.

nana975@ibm.net Tue, 15 Apr 1997
In 1912, my husbands great grandparents, Casimero and Maria Ynes (Arriola) Aguilera, migrated up from Pueblo Nuevo, Guanajuato, Mexico with their children Crescencia, Rita, Francisco, Cosme and Macaria Aguilera. In the Sonora region, Crescencia convinced them to let her stay with a family because she didn't want to walk anymore. They left her and then she ran away. The rest of the family settled in Grant Co, NM never to hear from Crescencia again. Does anyone have information on Crescencia. She was born ca 1894 in Valle de Santiago, Guanjuato. My New Mexico lines are BACA, GARCIA, MONTOYA, GARCIA-NOREIGA, TORRES, and others. They were Rio Abajo families. Migrating up the Rio Grande Valley and then back to Las Cruces area.

Judith Y. Martinez Mon, 7 Apr 1997
My name is Judith Y. Martinez (my maiden name) My grandfathers name is Fredrick Martinez, he was born in Mexico in 1888. His parents were born in Mexico too. They came to America in the 1900's, He became a citizen in 1907. I am trying to find my families history so I can carry on our family genealogy, My grandfather married Nellie G. Fulton and they had 4 children, Sylvia, Frank, Irwin, and Willis. Irwin Donald Martinez is my father. He was born in Montana on Aug 3, 1917. He married my mother who is Mary Trujillo, and they had 8 children, MaryAnn Jimmy, Frank, Kathy, Irwin, Robert, Me Judy Judith, and Ricky. My grandfather also divorced my grandmother and married another lady in Montana. and had 3 children. He died in Butte Montana in 1969. The children were Philip, Fred and a girl, she died when she was little. My dad was a twin to frank and he died when he was 2. He had Dephetheria. Please write back and let me know if we are related. would like to know as soon as possible My E-Mail is cingram@inficad.com My name is Mrs. Judith Ingram I married Calvin Ingram and we have 6 children, Veronica, Natalie, Sarah, Bernadette, Thomas, and Daniel. I am 37 years old, I was born Nov 8,1959. Well, I have to go for now, let me know if you have any information of any kind it would sure help Thank you.

Elva Sosa Moore Sun, 6 Apr 1997
I am searching for anyone who has information on the VALERO family of Saltillo, Coahuila. SOSA, OLVERA, ALDAPE of Nuevo Leon or the BALDERAS, BARBA, CONTERAS or PECINA surnames

jklnsmth@ix.netcom.com Thu, 03 Apr 1997
Do you have any info on CAMPUZANO, CAMPUSANO, URIBE?

coke@super.zippo.com Tue, 01 Apr 1997
Hello. I am trying to trace my Hispanic Heritage. My mother, Sarah Jimenez (Trevino) (died 6/27/96) married Albert Moren Trevino (died 4/2/75), both in Shreveport LA. My mother's mother was Anita Delgado (Jimenez) (died 12/24/60) who was married to Federico Jimenez (died in 1992) (both in Bexar county Texas). My father's mother was Olivia Moren (died 8/96) and his father was Reginaldo Trevino (died > 50 years ago). I am trying to trace back my ancestry. I believe that there is also a Native American influence, and I am trying to trace that too. Can you help me or offer any advice? I'm not sure where to go from here. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

Julie Ysassi-Alvarez Mon, 31 Mar 1997
Do you have any information on the Ysassi surname? Please respond at your earliest opportunity.

Emily Noonan Mon, 31 Mar 1997
Surnames: Hernandez & Buenrostro I have these surnames in my genealogy line. I'm having a hard time finding information. Can you suggest places where I can go to research?

Paul S. Mon, 31 Mar 1997
I am at a standstill. Need information on the family of my grandfather Victoriano Martinez who was born 24 December 1867 in Tampico,Mexico. His parents were Andres Martinez and Petra Lara. He married Cenobia Lara whose parents were Pedro Lara and Maria Concepcion Lara. The above information is mostly hearsay and has not been verified. I would like to find the birthdates/places of Victoriano's family. I believe that at one time they also lived in O'Campo Mexico or Cadereyta. Although he is supposed to have been from a large family, we never knew who they were. Thanks! ME Martinez

NAN ROSADO Sun, 30 Mar 97
I am looking for information to see where I can actually look for my ancestors information. Last name is Moreno and Guido and they lived originally in Veracruz then moved to Belize. Any idea?

Peggy Maynes Sat, 29 Mar 1997
Thank you for your web site. My name is Joseph Lalo Maynes. My father's name is Arbelardo Maynes. My grandfather was Joseph Maynes. As far as I've been told my great grandfather's name was also Joseph. I was told the latter had large land holdings across the border in Mexico. That, unfortunate, is about as far back as I can go. My grandfather came to El Paso around latter part of 19th century and bought the house and land the family has had since then. I would certainly appreciate any information or help to get more information about my family line and about who and what they were. I saw "Maynes" listed in your name listings. I would certainly be interested how you got this name in your list. Thanks again for your help.

l.csolis@ix.netcom.com Sat, 29 Mar 1997
I`M looking for information about an ancestor`s place of birth. In your research have you seen a site by the name of Santa Cruz de Banones jurisdiction of San Cosme. I have looked at old maps without any luck. Antonio Abad Solis was born there in 1752, his parents were Christoval Antonio Solis and Maria Bernarda Flores. Antonio A. Solis bought the Carmargo Porcion 95 on April 1, 1807. His death certificate list the place as his birth place. Hoping to hear from you thank you, Leopoldo Solis Jr.

Roy Martinez Thu, 27 Mar 1997
I'm researching the last name Arozarena. I can't find anything on this last name. Let me know where to look.

Delia Gonzalez Thu, 27 Mar 1997
I am trying to get more information on Francisca Caneles b. 1902 Benevidas TX (her parents were Ramon Canales and Domitilia Flores from Mexico.) Francisca married Earl Denton Fisher. Her sister married Eleuterio Canales who was very active in the hispanic community. I have lots of information on him now, but nothing on the Canales side of the family. Francisca and Earl had Earl Ray Fisher, my half-sister's father. we are adopting her children and would like this informtion for them. Also, my husbands family comes from Durango, DGO Mexico. Magdaleno Gonzalez b. 1910 married Amelia Ramirez b 1919. I would love any informtion about these two surnames from the state of Durango. I do know some of the family moved to Juarez, others to Tijuana.

Adam Uresti Wed, 26 Mar 1997
My name is Adam (Spanish=Adan) Uresti. Do you have any info on this name? From what I have heard this name has its origins in the Basque country of Spain, but I do not know for sure. My grandfather's name was Reyes Uresti or Ureste, but he died before I was born. Another name to consider, my mother's maiden name is Estimbo. Any info on this name, both my parents are from the South Texas(Valley area, Edinburg and Monte Alto, Edcouch-Elsa).

Gerardo Leal Lacavex Mon, 24 Mar 97
I am interested in genealogy for Northern Mexico states. I´m mainly interested in finding my own ancestors on the names LEAL or TOVAR, who lived in this region. I am having problems accesing your home page, can you help??

Consuelo Carrillo
Sun, 23 Mar 1997
I am very happy to find you on the Internet! I am looking for my mother's family that orginally came from Mexico. Please give me any information on how to get the family records. She was born Tomasa Perez in 1914 in the town of Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon.Her Mother name was Francisca Perez I don't know her father's name Her grandmother name was Juanita Gonzales Perez.My mother had a brother who was born in 1912 ? they had the same mother.

Mon, 24 Mar 1997
I am very pleased that someone from our ethnic background cares enought to take all the time and money to research our roots. I can not thank you enought! I would appreciate your assistance in guiding me to find where I can to go to to find my parents roots. My father name was Morris Carrillo from Galveston,Texas he was born in 1899? his parents names were Frank Carrillo and Salidonia Gonzales.I am told that Frank was born in Galveston and Salidonia was born in Victoria,Texas. My mother was born in 1914 in Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Cerralvo.My mother's parent was Francisca Perez born in Cerralvo I think. She once told me a story about seeing Zapata when was a young girl.My great-grandmother name was Juanita G. Perez also of Cerralvo. Her husband was shot during a robbery of the payroll from one of the minning companies. He was either the paymaster or delivering the payroll. My e-mail address will chance after the first of this month. So if I do not here from you by then I will write again to give you my new e-mail address. Some day I hope I can help you do something to get more of our peole involved in you research

Tue, 25 Mar 1997
I just finished reading about your ancestor's. I find that we have some ansestor's with the same last name . Some of my family comes from Cerralvo also. In fact that is where I feel I must begain my search. I would appreciate it if you could guide me in the direction to start my search. Oh, some of my family names are Perez, Rodriguez,Gonzalez and Montemayor.
Thank you very much. Consuelo Carrillo PS my e-mail address is now desmond@infoblvd.net . However after April 1, 1997 it should change to desmond@servtech.com

LLawler145@aol.com Sat, 22 Mar 1997
I was looking into our family history on my Dad's side and came across some interesting information. It seems that one of our ancestor's fought for the Mexican's during the war and was granted land in Beaumont, TX from the Mexican's. That land is now known as Spindale Top. They struck oil there in the early 1900's. My grandmother remembers receiving a letter sometime in the late 30's or early 40's regarding the ownership of this land and some court case that was in progress. Her older brother told her to just ignore it and she did. The letter was believed to have been destroyed by the same brother, my Great-Uncle who later came into some unkown wealth. As far as I know, the court case was closed sometime back in the early 1940's. The exact person that I am trying to trace in all this mess is W.P.H. McFadden, said to have lived in that area in the early 1800's (he is the one I believe fought on the Mexican side of the war and was later given land that is now Spindle Top, Texas). Rumor says that he and his wife were killed by his brother?? We believe that the W.P.H. initials stand for William Pelham Humphries, and that he changed his name to McFadden because he was born a bastard child to a McFadden in North Carolina by the daughter of a Humphries (we have found court record to prove this). How can I find out if this information is even close to accurate?? Most of this information I received from My Uncle in North Carolina who is also very interested in finding some kind of link to our past. Any help you can give me would surely be appreciated. I will check here periodically for a response, Thank You!!!

Delmar Salomon Sat, 22 Mar 97
I didn't see any listing of the following names or places if you have any info would you please advice. State of Chihuahua, towns of Julimes, Ojinaga, Meoqui, El Mulato, and other in the area. Texas border towns such as Presidio, Redford, Marfa, El Polvo, Barstow, Big Bend area. Spanish surnames: Pando, Saenz, Tarin, Hinojos, Zuniga, Villareal, Varela, Evaro.Any leads would be helpful, thanks! Dora E. Salomon

Mary Anne Curray Fri, 21 Mar 1997
I descend from Ana Petra de la PENA and J. Estanislao de ARRIOLA. She was baptised 2 Oct 1777 at San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio de Bejar. Her parents are listed as Ygnacio de PENA and Francisca de URRUTIA. He was born about 1759 in Monterrey, Leon, Mexico. He is listed in the 1792 Tx Census (San Fernando de Austria) as a tailor. His parents are Christoval ARRIOLA and Maria de OCHOA. That's as far back as I have been able to go. Can you help?

Gerardo Thu, 13 Mar 1997
Hi, I am starting to search my family name "Nevarez" and I was wondering if you have any information on this name. I only thing I currently know is that father's grandfather name was Estanislao Nevarez, my father's father name was Miguel Nevarez, my father's name is Jose Angel Nevarez. Thanks for any information.

davidc@utep.edu Tue, 11 Mar 1997
Have been hitting a brick wall for some time. Any possible way to find the origin of the surname "Carrejo?" Possibly Spanish in origin. Grandfather was born in Chihuahua. Thanks.

Manuel Ruiz Sun, 9 Mar 1997
I have a couple of social security numbers I obtained from the Social Security Death cert. information, and now I'm not sure where to go. I know it's difficult to find Hispanic lineage information, so I'm hoping you can help. My grandfather's information descend from Alice, Texas to Realitos, Texas (paternal - Ruiz) and from Alice to Benavidez, Texas (maternal - Trevino). I have great-grandfather's names, but could not get their socials. Now I'm at a standstill. What do you suggest I do next? (And how long has it taken you to get all this info? It's quite impressive) I've been tempted to get onto some online help that charges, but I'm doubtful that they will have any more information than I do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Manuel Ruiz

ATZavala@aol.com Sat, 8 Mar 1997
I'm trying to find any pertinent data on the surnames Tamez, Ocanas, Zavala and Valera From the lower Rio Grande Valley any thing you have will be helpful or let me know where I could start looking. Thank you in advance!! Angie Tamez Zavala

SusYbarra@aol.com Sun, 2 Mar 1997
Would you happen to know how we could connect Jose Maria Balli Guerra to a Josefina Balli Ramirez b. 1895. Her parents
were Franscisco Balli Trevino and Maria Rita Ramirez. Paternal grandparents were Jesus Balli ? and Isabel Garza or Gaza. We are not sure about the last names of her grandparents. I appreciate any help or direction you may be able to provide us. Thanks again, Susan

David Mora Sun, 2 Mar 1997
I am looking for the names of Mora and DeLeon they were born in Jalisco,Mexico. Is there any way you could help me out. Or where I could go on the net to find the names of Mora and DeLeon. Or E-Mail some one in Mexico. Thank You

Sonya C. Garcia Tue, 25 Feb 1997
to whom it may concern: my family and i are interested in what is being done to claim the land that partains to to the balli's if you know any information , please e-mail me. I'd really appreciate it. god bless

Cindy Meinen Tue, 25 Feb 1997
Hi, Does anyone know what newspapers may have existed in Rio Grande City, Starr or within a fifty mile radius during the period 1911 to 1914. I am looking for my great great grandparents obituaries. They died in Rio Grande during this time but I am told Rio Grande did not have a newspaper, so hopefully the town recieved it 's news from someplace nearby. Thank you.

Elizabeth Juarez Sun, 23 Feb 1997
Estoy buscando informacion de la familia Herrera de Texas , su ayuda es muy apreciada.

Santi Fdez Sun, 23 Feb 1997
Hello,I´m a descendant of Don Diego Fernandez de Cordoba, Conde de Gondomar. And I am collecting all information I can about him. I have just been watching your web page and I was wondering if you could just tell me what you know about him. Thank you very much

Dorothy Mullinnix Fri, 21 Feb 1997
My name is Dorothy Mullinnix and I am beginning research on my family tree. The surnames SALINAS and VELA are the names I'm looking for. All I know is that my grandfather (SALINAS) was registered in Nuevo Leon in 1920. The only thing I know about my VELA roots is that the VELAs had alot of land and a ranch in Starr Co.in the early 1900's. Any information and help would really be appreciated. Dorothy Salinas Mullinnix

amal@tstonramp.com Sat, 15 Feb 1997
Hello my is Arthur Maldonado, I started to search for Ramone Maldonado he was my greatgrandfather not sure where he was born. We know that my grandfather was born in Piedars Negars,Mexico and my Dad name is Robert Maldonado he Born in San Antonio,Texas. if anyone can help E-Mail

MGonza3808@aol.com Thu, 13 Feb 1997
I am interested in my family tree. The furthest I can go back is to Eugenio Gonzalez who was born in Brava China N.L. Mexico date unknown but died around 1910 he married Maria de Refugio Pena. One of his sons Martin born in Aldamas N.L. around 1884 or so died 3-3 1961. He married Josefa Salinas who died June or July 1943.Martin was my grandfather. My fathers name is Marcos Gonzalez born at Aldamas N.L. 7-18-1918.

Albert F. Arocha Mon, 10 Feb 1997
accidently stumbled onto your site today,have found it very interesting i believe i am of canarian decent,,my last name is arocha,,used to be spelled de arrocha.I have access to some old documents that were kept by my now deaseased uncle (agapito arocha) that place two brothers,juan and simon de arrocha,,in the landing party along with 14 other families to settle san antonio,,may also have some old maps showing parcels called labores assigned to each family.

B. Guillen Sun, 9 Feb 1997
I've been working on my family history for about 8 months now and have traced the Guillen name from San Antonio, Tx to Lampazos de Naranjo, NL to Tula, Tam. I would appreciate any information or direction that you can give me. I am using the Church of LDS Family History Center for people information, but I know very little about the places and their history. Please respond!! Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.

Richard Boyd Sun, 9 Feb 97
We are looking for any information regarding the origin of the surname Borquez. We would appreciate any help you can provide. Sincerely, Joan Borquez-Sanchez and family

Jennifer Mansour Mon, 03 Feb 1997
I am looking for information on a man possibly in his late 70s or early 80s. He was married to Merced Lucero and fathered four sons. All I know is that they lived in Villa Ahumada and Juarez in the state of Chihuahua. His first name could be Nemesio or Demesio. The last name is Castillo.

Ann Onstad Sun, 2 Feb 1997
Hi, Thanks so much for putting up the pages. The information on Mexico is very interesting and informative. My husband's grandfather was from General Teran in Nuevo Leon. It seems that you are in the process of working on this. I am going to
check for web pages on Mexico and see if I can post my surnames there. They are: Cerda, Ruiz, Ibarra, Osorio. If you find anyone else researching this send them my way.

Ricardo Fuentes Sat, 01 Feb 97
I am wondering if you have any geneaological info on the name Fuentes ? My grandfather,Jose Fuentes,emigrated from Reynosa, Mexico in about the year 1916-1917. He had been an apprentice baker for a Reynosa-area baker since the age of 6 ( started with the baker in about 1904-5) and was settled in McAllen, Texas by his benefactor in the 1916-17 timeframe.There are several strains of Fuentes in the McAllen - South Texas area, but am wondering if there is some common ancestor that most likely would have originated in Spain ?

Charise Ovalle R. Sat, 01 Feb 1997
I hope that you can help me. I am working on my father's family now and getting nowhere fast. I know that in the late 1800's the family of Felipe Avila moved from Zacatecas to New Mexico. Two children were born in Mexico and my great grandfather was the first child born in NM. This was in about 1898, I think. The Zeferino Ovalle family was also in Zacatecas in this time frame and moved to California in the early 1900's. I think that part of the family moved into Texas. The Villavoz family appears to be in Arizona in the early 1900's and probably earlier. I have not been able to get any other information on them yet. I am looking for any information on these families or other branches of the same surname especially the Ovalle family. I have heard rumors that the families may be tied into the Pima, Aztec, and Apache Indian tribes. There is another tribe but I cannot remember the name right now.

Patricia M. Garcia Mon, 27 Jan 1997
Hello, Thanks for all your work on your site. Very helpful. I'm looking for info on a town named Pánuco De Coronado, Durango. Someone told me to look around San Juan del Río area, but I dont know where to to look to find out more. I hpoe you can point me in the righ direction. Thanks, PM Garcia

Jorge Rosado Mon, 27 Jan 1997
Hello, My name is Jorge Rosado Rodriguez. I'm looking for any information on the names Rosado and Rodriguez.
Hello, My name is Lorenka Pascual Samamé. I'm looking for any information on the names Pascual and Samamé.

ELCOOKS@aol.com Sun, 26 Jan 1997
well you get so many letters you probebly havent had a chance to read my letter of last night. i have a lead that i'd like to ask you about or you can post on querys. william ELCOOK married a woman named eufracia (aka gertrudes/gertrude) ALDERITE(maiden)GARCIA(married) who was a widow. i believe they met when he served in the army in brownsville. i know that they had a son born in brownsville in 1903. he adopted some or all of her children. he retired from the army in 1925 and they moved to san antonio where they remained until he died in 1935 and she in 1946. can anyone tell me who eufracia is and where she came from? i have a copy of her death cert. however it was signed by a grandchild who didn't know her particulars other than born 1860-mexico.GOD BLESS ALL!!!!!! ELCOOKS@AOL>COM.

ELCOOKS@aol.com Sat, 25 Jan 1997
Wow, Your Page Is Bright & Beautiful. I Love It.!!!! I Am Still Trying To Fing The Maiden Name Of My Husbands Greatgrandmother Who Married His Greatgrandfather Some Time After 1898 When He Served In The Spanish-american & Phillipine Conflict. There Is Hot Family Debate On Weather She Was Mexican Or Spanish. (If Mexican Than She's Spanish Too-right?) I Really Dont Understand The Big Problem. Anyway As Soon As I Find Out More About Her I'll Be Back To Your Page. At This Point All I Know Is Her 1st Name Was Eufracia Although She Was Also Known As Gertrudes Or Gertrude. Her Death Cert Was Signed By A Grandchild Who Stated She Was Born In Mexico-no Specific Area Listed. I Have Been Told That Her Maiden Name May Have Been Garcia But Wow The Garcias Listed On Microfish Make My Head Spin. Oh Well I Hope To Be Back!!! God Bless You & Keep Up The Beautiful Color Graphics!! Oh I Almost Forgot-they Lived In The Phillipines At One Time But Resided And Passed On In San Antonio Tx-bye Bye

Dora Ibarra Mon, 20 Jan 97
I would be interested in anything you have on the above SUR name, my family started in Zacatecas ( SUR n Guerrero) and Durango (SUR n Ibarra).

Frank Alaniz Sun, 19 Jan 1997
Looking for Alaniz, Eligio born 1864 died 1929. Married Conception born 1878 died 1931. Son Frank Grandson Frank GGrandson Frank (ME)... Have a ledger from him and reciepe book. However not much else. He had two bothers - Andres and Frank.. Location: Corpus Cristi or Robstown Tx area. Thanks for your help... Frank alaniz@primary.net

Thud@ix.netcom.com Mon, 20 Jan 1997
I am researching in Juarez/El Paso in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. I am hoping that someone can tell me where my relatives came from prior to arriving there. The names I am looking for are: Garcia de Noriega, Montoya de Esparza, Niño Ladron de Guevara, Orcasitas, Sanchez de Inigo, Tellez Xiron.

Also, I think my g-g-g-grandfather Mariano Aguirre and his brother Angel discovered a mine northern Mexico near Galeana, Chihuahua and maybe started a family there. The LDS library has church records for Galeana starting in the 1830's but I need them in the 1820's and earlier. Do you know where I could find these records or find the address to the church there so I could write them? I would appreciate any help and would be glad to help anyone. Thanks.

P.S. I am looking for the passenger list for Cortez's expedition in the early 16th century, do you have any idea where I could find it???

dcano@cajunnet.com Jan 13, 1997
I'm searching for the parents of my ggg-grandparents, Antonio CANO and Mauricia Fernandez de CANO. He was born in 1811, died 1877. She was born in 1814, died in 1906. They settled on the Tampacuas Ranch north of Mercedes, Tx in early 1860. I have information for descendants but I haven't been able to back further in history. Any help would be appreciated. Thx, Danny Cano

HARTHALL@aol.com Sat, 11 Jan 1997
Irene Sanchez Ross-I am really trying to locate as much info on all sides of my family. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. My father (Sanchez)side came from Ribadesella, Spain and migrated to Mexico then to San Benito, Texas. My great-grandfather was Emilio Sanchez married to Teresa Prieto while in Spain and then remarried Lola Garica in Mexico. My mothers (father)side of the family is Sumaya. He came from Matamoros, Tamps. My mothers(mother)came from Port Isabel, Texas. Her family was Valent and Lieck. Would appreciate any info that can help in trying to complete my family tree. Thanks!!!!

Alarcon@juno.com Fri, 10 Jan 1997
I am trying to find out about my family. Although I found the name ALARCON listed, I could not retrieve information in regards to the surname. Do you have any suggestions? I'd appreciate any assistance. Gracias!

If, at your convienence, you could search your database for any information on the following people I would be most grateful. Teodoso Munguia-Born either 1830 or 1833 at Penitas Ranch, Texas. Married to Maria Agueda-Born either 1833 or 1836. Children:Placido 1857, Juliana 1865, Benito 1867, Isabel 1871, Tomas 1873, Gregoria 1875, Felicita 1878, Thanks in Advance, Rique

HARTHALL@aol.com Wed, 8 Jan 1997
I am looking for information on the families of Sanchez from Ribadesella,Asturias, Spain.My Great-Grand Father Emilio Sanchez left Spain migrated to Mexico.Then ended up in San Benito, Texas.Most family is in Brownsville,Texas. Any info? I also am looking for info on my mothers side- Valent , Lieck, and Sumaya. They all migrated to Port Isabel,Texas and Brownsville,Texas area. Trying to get a family tree started.

NeNrX2@aol.com Wed, 8 Jan 1997
My mothers maiden name was Garcia,her fathers name was Francisco.The reason I am trying to trace my family is because in our family alot of the family looks identical, cousins , aunts and uncles. Also some of them have a blue eye and a brown eye.This comes from Waardenburg syndrome that is in our genes. This syndrome can also cause deafness . My mother was born in Los Angles in 1926,her name was Rita. When she was small her parents seperated and she [Rita] was sent to live with her grandmother Maria garcia in Watts,along with her brothers and sisters,Beatrice,Javier,Frank, and Ophelia. >From what I gather her father left for texas,and started another family there.He died while living there, I don't know when or where. I am looking for any family that we may have so that I can pass on this medical information . Thank You for your time Mary G. Cabrera

dsalomon@micron.net Tue, 07 Jan 1997
My maiden name is Dora Elia Garcia Pando. I am interested in family surnames and history on my mothers side, who lived in the state of Chihuahua: PANDO, TARIN, HINOJOS, SAENZ. My mother's family lived close to the town of Ojinaga, Chih. I've heard of the following areas as places family members lived in: Barranco Azul, Palomas, Delicias, Cardenas, El Chapo in Chihuahua; also Marfa,Presidio in Texas.

Xavier Huante Tue, 07 Jan 1997
I am in search for the Familia HUANTE history. I can't find it anywhere. I thought you migh be able to help. RICARDO HUANTE

Maria Salinas Clarke Sun, 5 Jan 1997
My name is Maria Salinas Clarke, I live in Garland, Texas. I have started to research on my family. I am looking for information on Salinas, Garza, de la Garza, Pena. Pena was heir to a land grant dating 1767. Some marriages, baptisms took
place in Rome, Lady of Refuge Catholic Church. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thank you. Maria Salinas Clarke

EER1228@aol.com Sun, 5 Jan 1997
I wrote to you back in November 1996. I was reseaching the Esparza family name but I did not indicate who I was searching for. You said in your letter you might be able to help me (if you have the info) I am searching for my greatgrandfather. His name was Rodrigo Esparza and he was married to Margarita Arellano. My grandfather was born in 1885. His name is Felix Esparza. On his birth certificate , it mentions my greatgrandfather as being 26 years old. That means he was born in 1859. I have not been able to locate his birth anywhere. Can you help. Thanks, Elma

Tom Mills Fri, 27 Dec 96
To whom it may concern Please email more info about rio grande railroad. I have $35 certificate dated 1877 Los Kleiberg secretary N0. 17 Thank -you JIM WAIT Remax Ontario Canada

Dee Raymond Wed, 25 Dec 1996
Looking for parents/siblings of my great grandparents. Eugenio DeLeon, b. 1854 somewhere in Mexico, immigrated to TX in 1874 and Rosalia Newman, b. 1860 probably in Mississippi. Eugenio and Rosalia were married in Seguin, Guadalupe Co., TX in 1880. Apparently, they were married in a civil ceremony as there was no church record found. All of the info was obtained by bits and pieces from the LDS IGI, parish records, and census records. The names of their children are listed below. Hopefully, the spelling is at least close. The microfilm of the Seguin, TX parish records that I was using was not of the best quality and I was only able to find record of the first girl's birth. The rest of the children were listed in the 1900 census (they were living in Pct 2 of Atascosa County, TX which I am pretty certain was Lytle, TX). Dionicia b. 1881 - Juliana b. 1885 - Carmen b. 1886 - Dicidora b. 1887 - Gregoria b. 1890 - Lucinda b. 1894 (This was my grandmother. She married Genaro Genaro Castano b. 1887 and one of their sons was my father, Louis De Leon Castano b. 1911, d. 1991.)- Jose b. 1896 - Hosane b. 1897, and Rosalina b. 1899.

Apparently no one else is researching the Castano family tree as I've not seen this name posted on any genealogy websites. I've been able to glean quite a bit of information using parish records. I would like to make contact with anyone researching the Castano surname or any of these related surnames: Hernandez, Chaves, Aguirre, De Ayala, or Pina.

Joyce Dow Mon, 18 Dec 1996
Hi! I am searching for information on UNKA Indian tribe. My great-grandmother Santos Larralde 1885 - 1972 (about) belong to this tribe. I have found no birth or death certificate for her. She was married to William Kramer and they had 3 children. Ernest Cramer 12/16/1907 to 7/20/1995. Jose Cramer 9/16/1910 to 4/86. And daughter Virgina; no info on her. Note part of Ernest Cramer's family is Cramer with a C or K. Thanks

Loida Casares Tue, 17 Dec 96
Hello! I am very interested in finding out if there was a carnival in Linares in the mid 1800's where people died due to an attack by Indians. These Indians (I don't know what kind) supposedly set the carnival on fire and kidnapped many of the children. According to old family stories my great-great grandfather was one of these children and he was dropped
off in Hidalgo County of Texas where he lived all his life. His name was Nicolas Casares. If you have access to any information about this please let me know.

Mary Wilkerson Tue, 17 Dec 1996
I have traced my mother's family to Jose Louis Salinas of Starr County, who was granted a tract of land called San Antonio de Baluarte in 1836. We are related to him through his daughter Tiburcia who married a Frenchman named Ettiene Cenac (or Stephen Senac). I am interested in finding more information about the Salinas family (where in Mexico they came from) and anything about this Frenchman Ettiene Cenac (all I know about him is he was a butcher in Rio Grande City).

Rosie Ramirez Mon, 16 Dec 96
Hello! I was wondering if you had any information on Ramirez,Salce, Hernandez, or Gonzalez. My father was born and raised in South Texas (born in Mercedes) and then moved to Pharr. As far as we can see, they have lived in Texas for many generations. His last name is Ramirez (his mother's last name is Hernandez). My mother is a bit more complex. She was born in Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Her father's last name is Salce. It is not a very common last name so it is assumed that most people with that name are related. My mother and her family came into the US via Reynosa. If you have any information, it would very much be appreciated. Also, does anyone have any information on the town of Ramirez in Jim Hogg county?? THAnks! Rosalinda Ramirez

Dennis Vigil Sat, 14 Dec 1996
My name is Dennis Vigil. I am researching the surnames of Porras, Navarette, Ronquillo, and Stamper. The Porras family originated in Mexico somewhere along with the Navarette and Ronquillo families. If anyone has any information on any of these families, please let me know. Thanks

Jeremy Tenorio Thu, 12 Dec 96
My name is Jeremy Tenorio....I'm a 21 year old native of Dallas TX..My family is origionally from San Antonio....I'm looking for any information on the origination of the Tenorio family. If anyone has any information, or clues to where I can find information, it would be greatly appreciated.......I don't have an E-mail address, but I can give you my home address... 1504 Rockwood Downs Dr., Wendell, NC 27591......Even the slightest information will be highly appreciated.........Thanks.

Robert Suarez Mon, 09 Dec 1996
I just started to try and gather the geneological info for my family. I have lots of names and some dates but I would like your help if possible. My mother's family (Serna) is from the San Juan area of Hidalgo co. I would appreciate any info tracing her branch. Her father was Ramon Serna was born in Mendez, Tamp. Mexico in 1900. His parents Alejos Serna and Jesusita Leal were also born in Mendez. Her mother was Matiana Guerra. Matiana was born in 1907 in Roma, Texas. Her parents were Praxedis Guerra of Fronton, Texas and Luz Perez of Mexico. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Patricia M. Garcia Chavez Sun, 08 Dec 1996
Hello, My name is Patricia M. Garcia Chavez. I'm looking for any information on the names Garcia and Chavez from the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Hermenegildo Garcia was married to Guadalupe Gutierrez in San Ysidro de las Cuevas, which later was known as Villa Matamoros, Chih. They had 4 boys: Angel Garcia(my grandfather), Abel Garcia, Moises
Garcia, and Salomon Garcia. On the Chavez side of my family, Teofilo Chavez married Lorenza Vela. They lived in Durango, Mexico. They had 7 children: Salome Chavez(my great-grandfather), Miguel Chavez, Rafael Chavez, Tomas Chavez, Manuel Chavez, Abelino Chavez, and Carlota Chavez. Salome Chavez and his brothers moved to Santa Barbara, Chihuahua to work in the mines. If you have any infomation, please Email me at pgarcia@lalc.k12.ca.us Thank you :-)

Roberto Fri, 06 Dec 1996
I am seeking help on anyone who might have done some research on the Benvides Family. I am looking for my great-greatmother parents. My grandmother's name was Maria Santos Benavides and was married to Luis Benavides in the 1850's. Today is my last day at this location. Please write to me at 316 West 32nd, Houston, Texas 77018 or 713-718-6547 in Houston, until I connect with E-Mail. Thanks, Roberto

Carolyn Stanly Fri, 6 Dec 1996
I am seeking information about the Landavaso family. My second-great grandfather, Francisco de Landavaso came to New Mexico in the early 1800's from Navajoa, Sonora, Mexico. An entry I found contains the following: "The primary toots of the Landavaso family are in Erandio, Spain in the Province of Viscay in the Basque region of Spain. The first in the New World was Don Francisco Landavaso y Mondragon of Seville. He did extensive farming with a land grant from Carlos II of Spain. The New Mexico branch started with the coming of Don Francisco Landavaso y Ortega.." I am having difficulty in finding records in that area, and would appreciate any help.

cmeinen@magicnet.net Sun, 01 Dec 1996
I just found out that my gggrandfather entered Mexico thru the port of Matamoros. Ws this indeed a port for immigrants coming from Prussia during the early 1800's? Also, I now believe that my gggrandmother's name was Macaria Chavera or Chavira. Anyone familiar with this name?

EER1228@aol.com Sat, 30 Nov 1996
I was born and raised in Laredo, TX, I am researching the Esparza family. If you have any information to share, please let me know. I have information also to the Ramirez family (husband) that may be linked to Sarita Kenedy. I believe that Don Lino Ramirez was the grandson of Petra Vela, mother of Sarita., who was married to Captain Miflin Kenedy. Thanks.

Percilla Bustamante Wed, 27 Nov 1996
My name is Percilla Bustamante and I'm looking for any good information on the Bustamante Family History / Lineage / Geneology How did they come to the US? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks in advance...

Catherine Anaya Tue, 26 Nov 96
I am seeking information on the surname ANAYA. I know that it is Basque in origin and it is suppose to be derived from a place near Valencia or Leon Spain. Am seeking any information on Francisco ANAYA he was from Apodoca or Sepulveda MX. He died in 1925 in San Antonio, TX and he was a traveling musician. His obit lists 3 sisters from Sept. MX. Also searching for German GARZA who died in 1910 also in San Antonio, TX. He was born in Zaragosa, MX. He was one of 8 children. Any information would be great.

Rique Thu, 21 Nov 1996
Looking for information on the following names: Jalomo, Munguia, Anzaldua, Davila, Tijerina, Estrada, Galvan. All these names are from families that have lived in the Rio Grande Valley since before the 1900's. Would like to hear from anyone who would like to share information on these surnames.

Michael Garza Thu, 21 Nov 1996
My name is Michael Garza. I am originally from Roma, Texas. My family have owed pieces of porciones 73 & 75. If you have any info on the names Saenz, Canales, Munoz, Garza, Trevino, or others you may know then please send me e-mail at mgarza1145@aol.com. An interesting piece of history for Garza's is my Homepage at http://members.aol.com/mgarza1145/mike.htm. You will find a code of arms for the Garza name. I will be updating the site with other pictures and history at a later date.

Cindy Owens Sun, 17 Nov 96
My maiden name is TORRES, the earliest Torres I have is Jose Maria Torres married to Jesus Osorio. They had the following children: Modesta, Petra, Lorenzo & Jose Maria. There may have been others. Jose Maria Torres was b. 1881 in Fronteras, State of Sonora, his father was assasinated in 1883. We have been told this was a politcal assasination. Jesus died after the birth & Modesta raised my great-grandfather Jose. She was married to Ramon ARAGON. Jose married 1st to Manuela Ferran 2/1901. She died after giving birth to Jose Maria 12/1901. My greatgrandfather then left Mexico to travel in the Wild West show. This is what we were told anyway. he met my greatgrandmother in KS, Merceda Walker. During the Depression they moved back to Mexico as his family ties got him a job there. My father was born in Mexico City in 1932. At one time it was know who the Spanish immigrant was, but has been lost over the years. Thanks for any help.

Jimmy Rosamond Sat, 16 Nov 1996
Hi. I am trying to find someway to locate my wife's family in South Texas/Matamoros area. I have included on my genealogical webpage pictures of my wife's father, grandmother, aunts and a cousin. Hope that someone will look at the page and be able to identify the family, and let us know how to contact them. Any help from anyone will be appreciated. Check it out at URL http://pages.prodigy.com/rosamond/

Ed Rivera 11 Nov 1996
Doing research on the Rivera family from Brownsville, Texas. My grandfather's name was Rumaldo Rivera. He was married to Cecilia Arizmendi, also from Brownsville.

Jose Hugo Arredondo Estrada Wed, 30 Oct 1996
I`m interested in Arredondo`s in northeast Mexico and Texas, especifically surname and individuals.

Sandy S. Corona Sun, 27 Oct 1996
Loved the Spanish surnames listed, but none of them were my folks. I'm looking for: Corona (Ignacio b. Feb 1, 1886 in San Andres, Jalisco, MX) son of Roberto Cowell and Petra Quires who married Florentina Hernandez--daug of Martin Hernandez and Micalla Arviso and Cowell (Albino Quires b. Dec 16, 1882 in MX) son of Leonor Corona and Petra Serrano who married Bernabe Castillo b. Jun 11, 1890 in MX daug of Lucas Castillo and Silvestra Cerves.

My mother-in-law, Rebecca Cowell, was born Sept 1, 1921 in Marfa, TX. Looking for any relatives in TX, NM, Arizona and CA. particularly. Bernabe Castillo was supposedly one of many children who settled in that area; looking for her siblings.

Robert Marques Wed, 23 Oct 1996
My father's name was Angel Marques, from Tampico (Madero). My mother's maiden name was Barbosa from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Any background info would be useful.

Ray Garcia Wed, 23 Oct 1996
I just saw this page and would like to say that along with my investigation I have alot of data about my family history in Northern Mexico as my mother is a wealth of information. My family has bee in the town of Lampazos de Naranjo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico for at least five generations of which I have much information. If some one is interested and know that they come from Lampazos de Naranjo, The are welcome to contact me.

I am a Garcia "Los Jaboneros". This is a designation know through the Garcia's who are thought to decend from a Cristobal Garcia. He is said to have come to Texas and settled near what is Known as the King's ranch. This is the end point of my history which I am trying to validate as there was a time when families forced there heritage to get money from the King ranch oil money. What is certain is that the "first" Garcia of my line was a soap maker and hence the term "Los jaboneros". there are many garcias and this is how we identify each other as blood.

I have data on the following families from Lampazos; Fernandez, Lozano, Zorola, Perez, Cisneros, Gonzalez "de Igueras" --the first of my Gonzalez to settle in Nuevo Leon went to a town called Igueras

Danny Villarreal Tue, 22 Oct 1996
Ive been researching the Villarreal family and probably have more information on the South Texas Villarreales
than any one else. Id be glad to share any info with whom ever needs it let me know.

Robert Armijo Sun, 20 Oct 1996
I'm looking for data on the origin of the surname ARMIJO. I know that Jose de Armijo was part of the "Reconquista Vargas" in c1693/95 but I'm lost as to the Armijo name origin or data on this name for the 1500's through the 1700's. Can you help?

ScrubsRN@aol.com Wed, 16 Oct 1996
I hope someone can help me. I am looking for any information on my grandfather Silverio de la Pena. He was killed in Cerralvo, Mexico sometime around 1928-? to maybe no later than 1935. I understand he was married to a Paula Benevides and they had one daughter, Adelina in 1926, or so I am told. I believe my family may be traced back to a city nearby called Herreras? or Herrenas? The FHC only has a 1930 census for Cerralvo, and I had no luck. Is there anyone I can write to in Mexico who maintains vital records? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

equis@vegas.infi.net Wed, 16 Oct 1996
Hello! I'm hoping to get further information about my great-grandfather's side of the family. he was born Porferio (Porfirio?) Anguiano,1888, I believe in Leon, Mexico. I'm not quite sure when he came to the U.S., possibly between 1915-1920? I do know that he came via Laredo, and San Antonio where he had family, including an older brother
named Juan. Eventually, he settled in San Francisco with the last name "Garcia." Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

stones96@earthlink.net Wed, 16 Oct 1996
I would like to have any information at all on this man whose fathers name was the same.Mothers name was Mary Tumoon. He gave his occupation as a metal worker.He later changed his name to Meridas.Place of birth somewhere in Mexico.

BBARCELO@InfoAve.Net Mon, 14 Oct 1996
Do you have any history or information on the name:Barcelo' ? Any information on it's orgin? Thank you!

Peter Mungia Mon, 14 Oct 1996
Hello, My name is Peter Mungia. The last name should be spelled Munguia though. I was wondering if you could help me find out more about my ancestory. To get started, my father's name is Peter G. Munguia. My grand father's name was Francisco Munguia. I think my great grand father's name was Pedro Munguia. This is where I need help verifying the rest of my ancestory. All of them are from south Texas. My father was born in Coleman, Texas. I think my grand father was born in Hidalgo, Texas. I'm not sure about my great grand father's birth place. Can you help me find more information about my ancestory. Thank you, Peter Mungia

Tracey Buhrig Mon, 14 Oct 1996
My name is Tracey Buhrig. My grandmother was Ofilia Flores. She married Reyes Lopez in Runge, Tx back in the early 30's but before that she was married to another man who physically abused her. She also has a sister named Ramona Flores now Lieja who now lives in Idaho. Am trying to find out more about my grandmothers family. I also know she had 5 children, only 2 survived, Ramona Lopez Sifuentes and Jess Roman Lopez.

wildec33@onramp.net Thu, 10 Oct 1996
I have relatives that are buried in the "French Cemetery", Mexico City. I have been unable to locate this cemetery. Can you help? I also have family that supposedly were married about 1897 in Acambaro, Mexico. Do you know if records exist for marriages from that era? Thanks

Luis Alaniz Mon.8,Oct.96
My father's name was Manuel Soto Alaniz he was born in El Ojo Del Buey Community or ranch in July l910. Some where near the south Texas border. My father had a younger sister named Fidencia, I don't remember her married name. She died in the late 50's. She had 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I remember the eldest girl's name is Patrisia. There are relatives in Laredo, Marfa and many other parts in Texas. Please note that the "z has been replace by an s in the last 60 years"

Israel Yzaguirre
Wed, 2 Oct 96
This is a good effort. If you need information on the Yzaguirre's let me know. I am working on it now. I will also be developing Canales, Vela, Elizondo and Guterries(z).

Sat, 28 Sep 96
My name is Israel Yzaguirre. I am researching my family history. I can trace my ancestors to a Juan Panteleon Yzaguirre in Cerralvo, Mexico in 1767. The name has been spelled Isaguirre, Izaguirre, Ysaguirre and Eizaguirre. There is an Izaguirre in Monterrey in 1632. Have you ever researched the Izaguirre name or do you know of anyone that can provide me with the name of someone to contact to obtain more information on my name?

Rozanne Chavez-Hurst Wed, 25 Sep 1996
I would like some information about the Chavez family name. If there is any information available in the future I would like to know. If you have a newsletter I would like to be included.

Ricardo Hinojosa Tue, 24 Sep 1996
I am searching for information about Porcion 83 of Camargo granted to Maria Marcela Martinez. I was wondering if you might have some suggestions on how to find out more regarding the family tree of Maria Marcela Martinez and/or information regarding the subsequent ownership of Porcion 83.

Charles D. Paiz Thur, 19 Sep 1996
I am trying to hunt down any information regarding the surname Paez/Paiz in So. Texas and NE Mexico, I am interested in finding out how/when the first individual with the Paez name made it to South Texas. Any info that you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....

James Wilson Wed, 11 Sep 1996
In Ireland, on the gravestone of my grandfather,Thomas Wilson, reference is made to 3 children born 1850 - 1854, all of whom died between July and Sept. 1855, and are " interred in Mexico ". My family have no idea as to why he should have been in Mexico at this time or why the sudden deaths.Was there any reason for Irish presence (mercenaries ?) or was there a plague in a certain area of Mexico at that time.Hope you can assist. Many Thanks James Wilson

Ismael Castelleon Tue, 10 Sep 1996
My mother is from the Guajardos of Nuevo Leon My father is from the state of San Luis with the last name of Rubio, any information would be greatly appricated.

Jesse Vega Mon, 9 Sep 1996
Any info on "Vega" is appreciated. Send to vega@fuller.edu

Gabriel Palomarez Sat, 7 Sep 1996
I am writing in hopes that I may aquire some knowledge on my family name. Our name is Palomarez and my grandfather
was born in Doctor Arroyo, Nuevo Leon in 1917 and is still alive. His parents were Margarito Palomarez and Faustina Banda de Palomarez, who was said to be the most beautiful lady in that town. She was white with dark black hair and blue or light green eyes. It said that they were both of Doctor Arroyo, but I am not sure they were from there originally. I am wanting to create a family tree, but don't know how to start or where to go to get this information. On my mothers side
of the family her grandmother and grandfather were from La Laja, Nuevo Leon. It is said that my great-grandfather was a "gauchupin", which I found out in the dictionary was a Spanish settler. He passed away when I was about five years old and had distinguishing features. He had blue eyes and pale white, his name was Librado Perez. On his passport or ins card it says he was born in Los Herreras, but my family says were from La Laja. Is there any way I can find this information. It is even said that he was brought from Spain by his parents when he was a baby. I don't want to seem like a sell out, I will always be Mexican at heart, just like my great grandfather Librado, but that is an ideology not so much a type of person. Que viva Nuevo Leon!!!!!! Thanks, Gabriel Palomarez

Vincent C. Wambach Fri, 06 Sep 1996
I have been researching my surname for 8 years now with little success;here is what I do know. My grandfather was named, JESUS ZAVALA,his wife was a certain REFUGIO ALVA JAWQUINDI,That is how it was spelled to me. They lived outside of Mexico City a place called Mixchouc not sure of spelling. Supposedly,my grandmother was of American Indian origin.They had several children one of which was my father;he was born in Mexico 7-14-1909;he had a brother Marcos;he also had 2 sons named vincent and Francesco;my father's name was vincent. My grandmother died in the 1950's.My father entered the USA around the 1940's,entering Laredo TX.He found his way to Columbia,Pa working for the railroad there then went to New York City and back to Mexico where he died around the 1980's.He also was a Federales in Mexico city for a little while.I know this is not much but it is all I have I would love to find any family history concerning the Zavala's and if possible whether my grandmother was Am. Indian. Thanks for listening.

Michael Garza Thu, 5 Sep 1996
I am from Starr County and have been collecting information about my family tree for some time now I have a rather large gap as far as dates for for my family. I would like to inquire about the land grants you seem to be able to aquire. Would it be possible to aquire one of portions 73,74,75 from around the Roma-Los Seanz area? I would be very interested in much of your information and maybe I can help you with some from my family. I do have access to parts of documents in spanish talking about the lineage of these three portions. I am currently living in Independence Missouri so if you care to talk over the phone please inform me in your message. Hope to here from you soon. Thank You, Michael Garza

Ellen Pedraza Mon, 26 Aug 96
The surnames I am searching for (so far) are Cardenas and Pedraza in Linares, Tampico, and Monterrey; and Alfaro in Nacogdoches, TX; and Villalvazo in anyplace!

Terry Dow Thu, 22 Aug 1996
Hello, I'm trying to locate info on my great-grandmother Mama Santos Larralde 1885. She died in Rio Grande City, Texas 20667. The address was 101 N. East St. There is no info. I know she was indian; but, it wasn't popular to be indian. Therefore, my grandfather, Ernest Cramer wouldn't talk about the dead. Her mother name was Vicenta Jazo 1850. Her father was Dionicio Larralde 1855. Her husband William Cramer 1876. Mama Santos Larralde had 2 sons: Ernest Cramer 12-16-1907 to 7-19-1995 (my grandfather) and Jose Cramer 9-16-1910 Mama Santos Larralde sister was Forencia Larralde 10-27-85. Any information would be greatly appreciated. May the dear Lord Bless You! Joyce Ann Dow 9-17-55 born in Mission, Texas 78572

HombreInLA@aol.com Wed, 31 Jul 1996
I am trying to get a biographical sketch on Manuel Alvarez, the first constitutional Governor of the state of Colima Mexico in the 1850s. Assistance with E-mail addresses, postal addresses, book names etc. will be greately appreciated.

Bobby Price Sat, 27 Jul 96
In searching for info concerning my great grandmother, I have found her last name listed as Navarro and Gonzales. I have been told that daughters could choose to use the name of their fathers or mothers and that my great grandmother's father was probably a Navarro and mother was a Gonzales - but maybe just the opposite. I know that she was living in a convent in Matamoros, Mexico when she married my great grandfather. Is there a list of convents available for the nothern part of Mexico. She was born 8/15/1845, married my great grandfather in 1861 and moved to Texas in 1876. Where can I find birth records for the northern part of Mexico? On the 1880 census of Texas, my great grandfather, Howard Whitaker, listed the birthplace of my grandmother as Mexico - 1870. Thanks for any suggestions.

Olga Gonzales Mon, 22 Jul 96
Hi, my name is Olga Gonzales of Austin, Texas, I was glad to find that some hispanic geneology is on the Web. I have begun to look into my lineage, would like to know if you have anything on a Guadalupe Bravo, who was my great great grandfather. I have not found anything of yet here in our libraries. Also, do you have anything on Juan de Dios Chapa of Mier, Mexico, he was also my great great grandfather. I believe Guadalupe Bravo died in Mier and at one time served in the Mexican army in the 1800's. My other great great Grandfather was from Mier. Please e-mail if you should have any info. Thank you.

Bobby Knight Sun, 21 Jul 1996
Aguayo (circa 1772) was one of the initiators of the colonization of Texas during this period. I am interested in any information regarding the family Aguayos or de Aguayos from that point forward. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Meaghan Ferres Mon, 15 Jul 1996
I wonder if you could help me... My name is Meaghan Ferres (Oregon). A few years ago I met some people from Chile who were in town for business. They asked my last name and I told them. They said that they had done a little research on Spanish genealogies, and that Spanish names that began with "f" sounds could be traced back to the Spanish and Egyptian Moors, possibly once being spelled with a "Ph" on the name. I had never heard of this being a part of my lineage (as far
as I know it is mostly Northern European). But one never knows-and I've been trying to look ever since! I guess that Ferres is a common name in Chile? Any help or suggestions are welcome-Thanks! Meaghan- jazzsite@teleport.com or MEAGF@AOL.COM PS-yours is the only page relating to Spanish genealogy, that I have seen, that even mentions Moors!

Anna Escamilla Fri, 12 Jul 96
I really support your efforts. Is there any information on Duval County. I need particularly any information on Saenz families. I don't know much, but I am interested. In addition in the area of Laredo, information on Escamilla or Martinez. Gracias. Anna


Juan Antonio Lopez israels_hope@juno.com Thu, 13 Nov 1997
I'am trying to find some info on my Grandfather Nativida Lopez born Sept.08 1908 in San Jose de Medina, I don't know if that was a village or Hacienda.His father name was Lucio or Luciano Lopez and he married Petrolina Guerrero around 1902.I know this is not much to go on , but if you could just verify that there was a San Jose de Medina would be greatly appreciated.

BARRERAPA@aol.com Mon, 10 Nov 1997
QUERY: Looking for Ancestor of Juan Jose Saldana married to Ma. Ana Francisca Guerra on 11-6-1787 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mx., Juan Jose Pena married to Ma. Catarina Gonzalez, Jose Maldonado married to Rosa Maria Palacios

Christina & Carlos Reyes reyes@wiredweb.com Sat, 08 Nov 97
I am doing research on my husband's grandmother's family. Her name is MARIA LUISA CISNEROS. She was born in Spain, but was raised in Balancan TABASCO, Mexico. As a very young girl she had two sons: ANGEL AZAN (born around 1900-1901) and JOSEPH AZAN (born around 1903-1904). While pregnant with her third child, she was hospitalized. During that time, her husband, a Chinese-American, took the boys supposedly to the United States. She lost her third son and saw her eldest son (ANGEL) once again when he was 16 years old. She never saw JOSEPH again. She left her family and moved to Cuba, where she married again and had two daughters: CARMELINA (b. 1916) and AIDA CORNES. In 1960 she visited her family in Mexico on her way to Florida, USA. It was then that she learned that she had just missed seeing her son, ANGEL, by approximately two months. MARIA LUISA CISNEROS died in 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio. We are searching for ANGEL y JOSEPH AZAN or any children or grandchildren of theirs and also any relatives of MARIA LUISA still alive in Mexico. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Amber Solis Onyx62@cedar-rapids.net Fri, 7 Nov 1997
I am looking for some information on the surname SOLIS for my family history. The only information I have is that my father-in-law's name is Richard Solis (no M.I.), his mother's name was Orentca Landrove, his step-father's name was Crisoforo Solis, who died in Edalgo Co., Texas. Crisoforo Solis' parents are only known by initials, S. Hernandez his mother, and P. Solis his father, and there were several children. According to my father-in-law, all were in records in the Corpus Christi courthouse, which had a fire in the 1930's?, so I can't track any paper trails through them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have names of Crisoforo's brothers and sisters, and know that the last known location of two of his brothers was Mexico City. Crisoforo Solis was born April 20, 1905.

Katherie Garcia sugrbug@pacbell.net Thu, 06 Nov 1997
"Terrones"...I am researching Alberto D. Terrones, his son and wife, Rosalio Terrones and Elena Espitia. They lived for a while in El Paso, but they came from Jalisco, Mexico [Agua Calientes]. The date would be early 1900's.

Tudie Alsbury cattivo@intersatx.net Sat, 01 Nov 1997
Hello, I would like to post an ad for info re James McClain Elledge, Jr. who was my great grandfather,and was Postmaster at Frio Town, Frio County, Texas August 26, 1872, and Justice of the Peace of Maverick County, Texas March 21, 1874. His wife's name was Mathilda Ann Thompson of Devine, Texas. Any info regarding both families would be appreciated. I am also looking for Alsbury, Beall, Boone, Cook, Catlett, I have just found your cite as I am very new to the net. It is both informative and easily read. Thank you for any help that you may give.

Peggy pineda@ladwp.com Tue, 21 Oct 1997
My maternal grandmother was named Paul Mendez. She entered USA on October 16, 1916. Her birthday is January 26, 1913. She came with her older brother, Lorenzo Mendez and her father, Manuel Mendez. I believe the trio moved to Albequerque, New Mexico where she met and married my grandfather Jesus Ortega. Her birth mother was named Luciana Ynostrosa and she died before coming to the states.

Christina Reyes Sat, 18 Oct 97
I was extremely happy to "stumble" across this website and hope that someone can help me in my quest. My husband's grandmother's name was MARIA LUISA CISNEROS. She was born in Spain around 1885-1890. As a very young child her family moved to Mexico and settled in Balancan TABASCO, Mexico. It is told that she had two sons (ANGEL AZAN born around 1900 or 1901 and JOSEPH AZAN born around 1903 or 1904). While pregnant with a third child, she became ill, and, while in the hospital, her husband (said to be a Chinese-American, hence, the name AZAN) took her two eldest sons (ANGEL and JOSEPH) and brought them to the United States. In her lifetime she would see ANGEL once more when he was 16 years old, when he came to visit her, and never did she see her son JOSEPH. She lost her third child while in the hospital and later moved to CUBA. She left behind at least one sister and numerous cousins, ANGEL AZAN, attempted to see her one more time around 1960, but she was still in Cuba. She moved to Florida in 1960 and died in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978. She has two daughters, CARMELINA REYES and AIDA CORNES, both living today. I am married to Carmelina's son, CARLOS. I would desperately love to find any trace of her sons, ANGEL and JOSEPH AZAN, or their children, and any ancestors who know of MARIA LUISA CISNEROS from BALANCAN TABASCO. Thank you.

Marian Aragon-Wydo Wed, 10 Sep 1997
Looking for information on g-grandparents Anton & Carlotta Aragon. Have photographs of cousins Jesus and his son Jose (1877-1887) Saltillo, Coahuila. Anton (d:1892 64 yrs) and Carlotta in California by 1869. Son Ignacio b: 1869 Half Moon Bay, Ca. Family possibly in Hermosillo prior to 1869. Have photos with names Garcia Flores y Fuentes and Montano from Hermosillo. Any info, pls send to Mwydo@aol.com. Marian Aragon-Wydo (California).

cgard10330@aol.com Fri, 29 Aug 1997
Hi I hope I'm in the right Place..My g.mother CYNTHIA LUGO was married to William MCCOY..they had 4 children..They lived in Laredo..names were Arthur,Nell, Robert and William..my g.mother died in late 1918 or early 1919 from influenzia.She was born either in the MEXICO area or in TEXAS..I want to find out who her parents were when she was born,etc..any help thks

linared@msn.com Thu, 28 Aug 97
I am searching for more info on three families that came from SAN LUIS POTOSI (the city or state, I do not know) to Austin, Texas in 1916 and 1919. FRANCISCO DOMINGO CAMACHO and his wife ANTONIA CASTILLO CAMACHO, a brother, JOSE CAMACHO, a grandfather, ANSTACIO DOMINGUEZ and mother and brother-in-law, JUANA CASTILLO and FRANCISCO CASTILLO. I have since learned Francisco D. Camacho was born 29 Jan 1894 and his father was TIBURCIO CAMACHO and his mother was PILAR DOMINGUEZ. Thank you for your research - All of my husband's family (Camacho) gave up long ago trying to find information from San Luis Potosi even though there are still uncles amd cousins residing in the state. I have no idea how to access their archives. I would appreciate any help from any one out there! Thanks, Carolina.

Your web page is great. I can use some help with the following names and places: from Matehuala, SLP, Mexico: Alvarado, Galvan, Rodriguez, Tovar, Lozano, Morales, Soto and Garcia. Pedro Alvarado left Mexico for San Antonio Tx in 1909 fom Zacatecas, Zac, Mexico: Gonzales, Rodriguez, Ban~uelos, Hernandez, Carlos. Maria Gonzales left Zacatecas for San Antonio Tx in 1918. from Eagle Pass Tx/Piedras Negras/San Juan de allende, Coah, Mexico: Longoria, Salinas, Urea. Especially would like to find info on Conrado and his father and motherVictor Longoria and Antonia Salinas. from Monterrey (or Montemorelos) NL Mexico: Morales, Ochoa, Moya from Laguna Seca, SLP: Sierra, Serda. Am interested in information about Tiofilo Morales from San Luis Potosi: Sanchez, Torres, Davila Any contact with anyone doing similar research will be appreciated.

Christine Wilson Garcia Gardner CrisGard@aol.com Tue, 26 Aug 1997
I've reached the end of the line on the Census. Can anyone help locate information about the Estrada Family. My great-grandmother Margarita Estrada (Wilson) was born in Chihuahua. Her siblings are Rejina, Miguel, and Mariana but their birthplace is listed as New Mexico. Their mother was Mercede but on the 1880 census she is married to Jacinto Mares, her bithplace is listed as Texas. They settled in Mesilla, Dona Ana, New Mexico for quite awhile. Also the name Telles has come up as a great-great-grandmother (paternal). Can you tell me anything about that name. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Marilyn Galvan galvan@ctllc.com Mon, 25 Aug 1997
After looking for months, I have found your web page. Would you please help me find a place to email so that I can find where to get information on our relatives and ancestors in Mexico? Some are from Sonora and some are from Zachatechas (spelling may be wrong). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

WAYNE & CAROL DEFRANCO carolr@jps.net Mon, 25 Aug 1997
I am looking for any information on the surname Franco. My father inlaw change his name to James DeFranco in the early 1980s. After his death we found out that his last name was Franco and we don't know if the first name, James is right. He was born in south Texas near Mexico and we think his date of birth is September 16,1920. He died in September 10,1989 in Buena Park, CA. His mothers last name was Lopes. Thank you for the help.

Juan A. Lopez israels_hope@juno.com Mon, 25 Aug 1997
I need some help trying to get info on my Grandfather ,his name is Natividad Lopez I am told he was born in the early 1900's in San Jose De Medina,but I am not sure in what state in Mexico.He never talk much about his upbringing and the rest of the Family has been reluctant to give me information.He passed away 3 years ago.I do know that his Father &Mother were Lucio/Luciano Lopez and Petrolina Guerrero Lopez. My grandfather always mention that his family was from Spain, but I am still trying to get some kind of proof of that .Thanks again!!!!

Rebeluvr@aol.com Sat, 23 Aug 1997
Hello, My name is Carlos V. Cavazos and I am currently living in Las Vegas, NV. I ran across your website relating to the Cavazos family history. I am wondering if there in any connection of my family to this Cavazos on the website.
The only information I have regarding the Cavazos family is that my grandfather, Santiago Cavazos, born July 25, 1902-Nov 24 1991, was probably adopted by Isidro Barron when he was a child. Santiago had my father, Blas Cavazos, born in 1935 I believe. We are trying to see if there is any connection to the original Cavazos. Most of the Cavazos in my family are in south Texas, mainly in the Rio Grande Valley. I have one uncle, Juan Cavazos living in Illinois. Please if you can email me any information you can provide on any connection to the original Cavazos family. I would really appreciate that. Thank You. Carlos V Cavazos, Las Vegas NV

Tabbatha Longoria tlongoria@oliverdesign.com

manuel_quinones@medcom2.smtplink.amedd.army.mil Thu, 21 Aug 97
I have an inquiry. I am searching for the parents of Maria Margarita ALMARAS. She was the wife of Marcelino SAENZ/SAIS. Margarita died in Mier, Tamps, in the 1800s. She appears to have been from Valle del Guajuco, now known as Santiago, Nuevo Leon. There are no known civil/church records for the early time period of Guajuco. Marcelino and her lived in Guajuco, Monterrey, possibly Cerralvo, Mier, and finally, Texas. Margarita is not the daughter of Jacinto and Michaela ALMARAS who were from the same location. Thanks for any input, Manuel Quinones, Jr.

JMulkey619@aol.com Sun, 17 Aug 1997
This is my fathers name. I am trying to find him, he was born in Durango, Duarango Mexico about 1941. He may be residing in Texas somewhere. He was the son of Juanita Galindo.

DThomas716@aol.com Fri, 15 Aug 1997
I am looking for Lino Treviño, Sr.(Starr and Brooks County) and Victoriano Martinez family(Starr and Duval county)

Mary Robinson Griffin "JMG"@Sprint.Comm Wed, 06 Aug 1997
Am doing research on my father side of the family. He was b.1911 in Wy. infacted Powder River. I have been told that his mother was the daughter of a Spanish Sea captain. Last name was Rodriguez. My grandfathers name was Charley or Charles Robinson b.abt 1881.I thought I had found him from La. now am not sure. I found him in the 1910 census in Johnson Co,Wy and it stated he was a sheephearder from Melville,La. I stated looking in La and from him at 19 years old with his mother and a sister named letha, and brother name john. Then I recieved information that he was married in 1903 to a Elanore Mc Daniels and they were found in the 1920 census there in Port Barre, La. The reason I have little information on my father side of the family is because he left home when he was 11years old. And he never returned until 1947 after he was married to my mom. All he told her was that his father's name was Charley Robinson and his mothers last name was Rodriguez. If you could help with anything it would help me. I know that it is in possiable to do some of this work and records where not kept well. Thank you

Jobie Guzman JGuzm@aol.com Fri, 1 Aug 1997
Would you happen to have anything on a Maria Guerra that married Antonio Guzman Zapata in about 1905, probably in Monterrey? They migrated to TX, where Maria died in about 1925 in Laredo. Antonio & his children settled in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co. TX, where he died in 1964. Antonio was Methodist. Do you know anything about the Methodist Church in Mexico?
There is some confusion about Antonio's parents. We think they were Juan Guzman & Luisa Zapata. Once in TX, Antonio & three of his children used the name Zapata. However, my father-in-law, the youngest & fourth child, elected to use Guzman when he got his citizenship. I have been to the FHC & reviewed their indexes for Nuevo Leon & some other states, but have been unable to find any of the names I have.
I am not new to genealogy, but have just started my husband's line & am a real greenhorn when it comes to Mexico. Any help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated.

Olivia Brady OBrady@compuserve.com Wed, 30 Jul 1997
My maiden name was OTEY. My father was born in Mexico on Feb 1, 1925. His parents names were Doloris Olin and Ponciano Olguin Otey, although on his birth registration his parents names were listed as Olguin. At a young age his parents divorced and split the family in half! My father has not seen his twin brother for over 60 years. He came to the United States to study music at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.
Since my father lost touch with his father and has very little information from his mother on his father, we have not been able to trace the OTEY family name at all. I am looking for any information on my grandfather, or even perhaps finding my uncle. My father's memory is failing and it is very difficult to get any details about his life at this time. If you have any information at all, please contact me by email at obrady@compuserve.com. I thank you.

Larissa LeBovidge, alae@flash.net Tue, 29 Jul 1997
I am seeking information about Marcos Solis JIMENEZ 1858-1936 m. Tomasita Ramon b. abt 1860. They are from Bexar Co. His parents were Juan Jesus Jimenez b. abt 1837 and Feliciana Solis from Monclova, COAH, Mexico. Thank you,

ESmith115@aol.com Tue, 22 Jul 1997
Thank you for making this space available for those of us seeking our genealogy. I am seeking my father's family MOLINA, who emmigrated from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. My grandfather's name was Abraham Molina and he married Guadalupe Vargas. They settled Pharr, Texas. My mother's family DE LOS SANTOS originated in General Teran, Nuevo Leon. My grandfather's name was Zacarias De Los Santos, an only son married to Avelina Trujillo. Any information as to how I may obtain birth and death certifcates in these provinces will be greatly appreciated.

Maria del Rosario Arce Mon, 21 Jul 1997

John A. Lopez Sat, 19 Jul 1997
I am trying to get info on my grandfather Nativida Lopez who always told us he was born in a place called San Jose De Medina Mexico in Sept.18,1908..His father name was Lucio/Luciano Lopez married Petronila Guerrero.My grandfather also had half brothers and a sister Franciso Solis, Maximillian Lopez,Baudello Rivera and Maria(Lopez)Perales.Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Marilyn Galvan Sat, 19 Jul 1997
I would like to know how to find information on my husband's family. They left Zacatecas or Guanajuato, Mexico and lived for awhile in Texas. Then they moved to Wichita, KS. All I have to go on are a few names. I am not sure if they lived in towns or states with the above mentioned names while in Mexico. The surnames Galvan and de la Rosa are all I have. I do know the first names and I have some dates. Will I be able to find out anything at all? Thank you for any help you can give.

HEIRHUNTR@aol.com Thu, 17 Jul 1997
My wife's great great grandmother was Catalina Campas, born 22 Mar1886 in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. She married Henry Jacob Stover from Georgia abt 1905, possibly in Saltillo. They had 2 children, Katherine Palestine b. 15 July 1906 in Saltillo and Henry Jasper 10 May 1908 in Saltillo. She died ,possibly of complications of child birth in Saltillo on 23 Sept. 1908. This is all I know of her. Would like to know parents and heritage, and possibly where(graveyard) she is burried. I believe it to be in Saltillo. Thanks,Tom

Joan Tregarthen Huston Thu, 17 Jul 1997
My g-grandmother was Jesus Carrillo b. abt 1860 in Bacuache, Mexico. She married Robert Fergusson abt 1878. I'm trying to find her parents and also where Bacuache is? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Deborah Mancillas Wed, 09 Jul 1997
I was so excited to find your thing (I not computer literate) on the internet!!! My husband is of Spanish, Mexican and Indian descent. his family came from first Spain, then Mexico and eventually settled in Texas.
As of yet we can find no info on the surname of URANGA, other than it is from the bask region of Spain. We try really hard to find info on his ancestors, since he only really new his maternal grandparents, it's almost impossible. PLEASE be patient while I try to spell all this spanish stuff. Some of if I'll just have to spell phonetically.
His grandfather was CATARINO URANGA, born in Colima MX, he was educated well. His father was ALEJOS URANGA, who was bucked off a horse and killed on a ranch somewhere in MX. He had two brothers, Gregario and Fistino (phonetic). Also, two sisters Marje and Petra. Catarino came to Fort Stockton around 1914. That's all we know. His grandmother was Guadalupe Campos, she says she came from Sierra Mohada (phonetic) but we cant even find this on the Mexico map! She then ended up in Pearl TX, another thing we cant find on the map.
In looking at your data base I also see you have info on the surname of MANCILLAS (this computer stuff is all very new to me). Mancillas is our last name but we know nothing at all about it. My husband's grandfather was Octavio Mancillas. the story was that his real last name was Meraz (phonetic), both his parents were killed and MANCILLAS relatives raised him.
Any info you can help me with on the names URANGA or MANCILLAS would be gratefully appreciated, also the only info we have. My husband has constantly for years been mistaken for a native american. When he tells people he's hispanic, some of them !!!!insist!!!!! he's indian. So I know there must be some other nationality mixed up in there as well!!

ScrubsRN@aol.com Tue, 8 Jul 1997
I have been trying to find any newspapers that might have serviced the Rio Grande City area during the 1910-1920 period. The libraries in Starr county and McAllen have not been able to help. I am looking for obituaries. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Cindy

Levi D. Cavasso Sun, 06 Jul 1997
Searching for my grandfather, need to prove/disprove surname cavayos/cavayoz. Married 12 May 1902 to Laure Broussard, in Lafayette, Louisiana. First name Felix, marriage certificate has cavayos. There were two issues of this marriage, Joseph, and Isadore. I have been searching for fifteen years, reported to have worked for a Railroad, and could read and write. Thanks.

e0r6769@acs.tamu.edu Sat, 05 Jul 1997
My husbands family begins with Senovio RENDON born 1845 (estimated) children Feliciano RENDON Miranda born 20-Oct. 1869 San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, Mexico Any information, or help thank you Annie

Annemarie Grado Quevedo Tue, 01 Jul 1997
I am new to geneology research and I am investigating my New Mexico heritage. I was wondering if you knew of databases/websites/other people investigating the Quevedo or Grado surnames. I have checked out the new mexico webpage andplan to purchase some of their materials but am looking for other sources. I know my Quevedo family was from norther Spain via the mining towns of Chihuahua and most recently Casas Grandes but don't know any more.

KwCongrove@aol.com Tue, 1 Jul 1997
I am researching my wife's genealogy Zuniga- Ramos in Mexico. Can you help me
where to begin finding the data bases. She also has an Estrada branch. They
were in GTO and Machuican too. Thanks KwCongrove

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