Everything you need to know about Bamboo diapers, the biodegradable product

Right after the birth of your precious, one piece of baby gear you absolutely need is a diaper. It is one of the most important necessities for every child. Like other baby products, there are different types of diapers available in the market but finding the best product for your baby might be troublesome. In this case, choosing organic diapers like bamboo diapers is safe for your child. Bamboo diapers are totally Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, and Bacteriostatic. Moreover, as it absorbs 70% more liquid than cotton fabric, it ensures total dryness surrounding your baby’s bum

Why should we choose Bamboo products?

Choosing Bamboo diapers for your child is definitely a smart choice but a question may arise in your mind ‘Why should I choose bamboo products?”  Well, here is the answer for you.

Bamboo has plentiful benefits and is also a renewable product with so many characteristics. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Bamboo is softer than any other cotton. It has natural elements and sheen to the surface and it feels similar to silk.
  • Bamboo fabrics absorb faster than cotton. Bamboo diapers keep the skin of your baby dry and keep him or her comfortable.
  • When it comes to appearance, bamboo products look more expensive than cotton. It has special features that don’t allow them to shrink.
  • Bamboo products are free from chemicals including chlorine, preservatives, perfumes, phthalates, and lotions. So you don’t need to worry about the purity of the products. Bamboo diapers are designed using the TCF pulp bleaching procedure.
  • Bamboo products have Biodegradable features. Regular disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose referring to the carbon footprint. Buying any other diaper may be a better choice but when it comes to the safety and natural elements, disposable diapers decompose in 75 days that is eco-friendly as well as safe for your child too.
  • Bamboo fabrics possess natural UV protection. There occurred a test where companies had sent 100% bamboo clothing to the research labs for testing UV protection. It was found that the UPF label rate has become 15 where the fabric scored 18.3 on the UPF scale that blocks 94.15% UVA and 93.17% UVB.

Bamboo is perfect for babies’ sensitive skin because it has organic hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial features. it prevents odor, allergies. It is also effective against skin irritations.

What are the cons found while using bamboo diapers?

Like every other product, it also has some disadvantages. However, its disadvantages are not associated with its quality and safety. As it is an international product, the availability of bamboo diapers is less in Local stores than in other diapers. These diapers cost a bit more than other diapers.


However, with lots of advantages and minimum disadvantages, bamboo diapers outperform when it comes to quality along with protecting nature. With its biodegradable and chemical-free features, it is the best choice for your baby. To know more, you can contact an experienced seller.

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